AGENTUR.DES.WANDELS was created in collaboration with artist corinnemaria, the agentur.des.wandels GmbH and the association AGENTUR.DES.WANDELS.

As a non-profit organisation, we promote natural growth. Our global network of agents connects people with an absolute willingness to share radically and sustainably.

We act in harmony between giving and receiving. – Our primary mission is exponantial diversity.

Our principles

We focused on joint growth, sharing our resources is our top priority. – Networking strengthens the core.

We are not profit oriented, we live in abundance! – Our funds flow into projects that work for the preservation of the earth.

We work in lightness. – Like attracts like.

We want to make you grow and work. – Carry your abilities into this world!

We experiment and act with new forms of living together. – From theory into practice.

We are allowed to fail. – Enable and transform and grow.

share and let us grow....